qSOA® gives you the power to create hybrid systems

With qSOA® you will access to a High-Level-Open-Protocol REST API services for the creation of quantum advantage powered hybrid systems. With our REST API you will access to the power of the QuantumPath® core, making possible the fast integration of your Quantum Logic (More information on QuantumPath® web page).

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qSOA® PySDK Accelerator Proxy library

Unlock the power of your python developments using our complete qSOA® Proxy library. A high-level python SDK that put in your hands all the power of the qSOA® connection point REST API services. BE aware of the underliying REST API level, and create 100% python programs that explore all the quantum advantage QuantumPath® put in your hands.

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Learn and try qSOA® technology through labs and examples using your favourite environment

Learn about qSOA's ® technology and services hands-on, through labs and example. Navigate through the labs and experience quantum use case execution services - already prepared with QuantumPath® - or create new ones dynamically. Integrate the technology using your favourite environment and add quantum use cases to your classic systems. Integrate, parameterise, orchestrate and exploit the quantum advantage by employing open technologies using the labs and examples as the basis of your work.